Women’s Day

‘WE’ was born last year on the same day and as expected, today’s that special day when we’ll realise the importance of the opposite gender. Frustration, angst, disgust, concern, hope and a whole lot of questions attached to the existence of females led to the development of its concept.
It’s been a while since I’ve noticed how certain liberals have started attacking the idea of feminism and maybe that’s why people are either extremely uncomfortable talking about it or they just want to rebut, as feminism according to them is ‘only’ about empowering women and that’s how perceptions are formed, further unfolding unequivocal misconceptions.
The idea is to give them what they deserve, the idea is to acknowledge them for who they are and how bloody strong they are, the idea is to support them whenever and however we can, the idea is to treat them as equals and look beyond breasts and vaginas.
It’s a global problem and since we are all tutored to believe that men and women have fixed roles in the society, there is this distinct differentiation that uplifts my gender and that’s how we tend to overlook the biases, also forgetting its bigoted nature.
Talking about economic participation, women have negligible opportunities as compared to men and they are paid around 15% less for the same job.
Education’s another key area where the focus has to be shifted, even though there is some progression, the destination is far away.
Around 25% of girls in the developing part of the world don’t attend school and the less fortunate families prioritise education for their boys, as the girl is supposed to concentrate on household chores, getting married and having a family, rather than creating a life for herself and probably that’s why they’re majorly away from the political processes as well.
Sexual subjugation, female infanticide, domestic violence, marital rape, psychological abuse, trafficking, maternal health issues.
It’s a deep colossal problem that would take ages to solve, but we have to start right? From somewhere at least?
So rather than showering our love and respect on just one particular day, it would be great if we could try and change our mentality towards the biases and start treating them as equals, also appreciating their quiddities, as I personally believe if we had to live like them-even for a day, we would all give up in a few hours and eventually die because we are really not as profound or zealous as them.
They are the blessed ones making the world beautiful, even though some of them misuse their existence and the laws that are made to protect them, the majority still needs a humane approach and I hope we will have a better place for women, someday, maybe a few years down the line.
Till then, to all the women out there-
It’s a battle between the majority and the minority, where majority of the men make life difficult for you along with the minority of your section who demean your presence but not all men are the same and there are many like me, who love you and respect you for whoever you are and whatever you do, it’s your life.
Let’s hope we’re able to celebrate humanity each and every-day.
Happy Women’s Day!


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