Review- Bajirao Mastani

Holding on to your vision for 13 years after being spurned by so many producers can’t be normal.It requires great confidence, immense faith and utter conviction for a person to stay patient for these many years with an idea that’s so beautifully woven, with characters that have so many layers attached and yet the treatment is completely nonjudgmental. 

That poetic tint throughout Bajirao Mastani would make any cinema lover’s heart weep with happiness and I believe Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the only person who has the ability to do that, not because he’s talented but because he’s the chosen one, the extremely blessed one. 
And having actors who express not just through their face but their eyes is definitely an icing on the cake:

Priyanka Chopra’s done it so many times in the past, Barfi in particular and Deepika Padukone’s recent one Tamasha showed us what she’s capable of, that she’s not just beautiful but she’s immensely expressive and volatile as a performer.

But then comes this overenthusiastic, extremely wild kind of a person and he ends up surprising everyone. 

Ranveer Singh showed glimpses of his talent in Lootera which unfortunately didn’t work but after Bajirao Mastani, if this man isn’t acknowledged for his skills as a performer, it would be a shame. He might be loud and too buoyant in real life but for any actor to transform himself not just physically but mentally for a film/play is a big deal and for Ranveer to succeed majestically and deliver one of the most enigmatic performances by a male lead till date is commendable and award worthy. 

(Special Mention: Malhaari song, speaks for this man’s passion for acting and performing on screen)
Sudeep Chatterjee’s artistically captured frames, the pitch perfect casting, mind-boggling production design and art direction: Each and every department stands out in this beautiful piece of art. 

Thank you Eros for letting Mr. Bhansali’s vision see the light of day.
The climax would wrench your heart and it is goose-fleshingly stunning.
Lastly, if William Shakespeare were to make films in 2015, we’d definitely call him Sanjay Leela Bhansali.



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