The Special Ones Who Left

Almost a month back, as New India Films we’d made a small children’s day tribute music video and while filming it we’d captured the children of Delhi. Captured their innocence, captured their selfless smiles. From the educated lot to the ones selling flowers on the road, captured them all.
Class, perception and cruelty that exists in this world probably makes them different from one another, but to be honest, there isn’t any real difference. They were all the same. They didn’t know the difference between right or wrong, they weren’t stressed about tomorrow, they didn’t care about religion: They were all living the moment, they were all children.

What happened in Pakistan has devastated the world and everyone is writing about it on social media. But we live in a society which is sadly too numb today. Some would ‘genuinely’ express their feelings, but on the other hand, some would do it to be a part of the majority. Some wouldn’t write or express at all because they feel it’s too overrated. And some would curse the ones who are voicing their opinions because they wish to judge your opinions. Yes, that’s what’s happening. The world’s just going down, day by day, second by second.
With each passing moment, filth’s taking over and who’s to be blamed for that? Probably human beings, the beings who are old enough to decide for themselves. Hypocrisy, forming opinions, cribbing, teasing, shouting, abusing, fighting, hitting and what not? That’s the basic routine of almost every individual. It’s not always intentional, but it’s equally harmful. This leads to something big, this leads to something heinous. This creates negativity and negativity creates brainless and heartless living beings who are later known as terrorists.

It all starts with something really small and these basic day to day traits, we don’t realise it, but they are dangerous, they really are. That’s exactly why children are special. That’s exactly why they’re out of this world. They don’t have the time for negativity, they don’t have the time for filth. They enjoy every moment, they chase their dreams. That’s exactly why my heart sank after getting to know about the Peshawar attack. At least for now, what can I possibly do? Should I just sit and wait for something to happen and let this ugliness take charge? Should I just forget about what happened, go out and have some amazing food, meet friends and party? For some people this really might be the case, as expressing yourself on social media might be a sin and uncool, but for people like me, it really doesn’t work that way.
No matter how much I try-pictures of those little angels, claims made by those inhuman monsters and this never-ending fight over religion, it’s just impossible to ignore.

Almost three decades since John Lennon gave us ‘Imagine,’ but nothing has changed, as his words still fit in perfectly and make total sense. I really wish people understood that song, I really wish people understood his words. The world would be a better place, the world would be beautiful-only if we could change ourselves first and get rid of these petty-petty insecurities and negativity. As I sum this up abruptly, I’d like to share the music video we’d made-In the memory of those little angels, in the memory of those dreams, dreams that got shattered by some cowards, cowards who kill in the name of God.

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…”


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