Courtesy: Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Maximum number of screens, Hrithik Roshan, excessive budget, superb action & camerawork, brilliant music and the end result? A  stupidly weird film. 

After the posters and the teaser, Bang-Bang had immediately created a rage. Then came the music: Hrithik’s pumped up body and his sharply perfect dance moves looked amazing, although Katrina never caught the eye. The expectations from this film were sky-high, especially because it had Hrithik Roshan and that too, opposite Katrina Kaif (just because they look good together). On top of that, it’s an official remake of the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starer Knight and Day. Director Siddharth Anand is good and I say that because I really loved Salaam Namaste and somehow I even liked Ta Ra Rum Pum (At least it had an emotional connect and two brilliant actors).
This man could’ve created something HUGE because he had everything in hand. He had the budget, he had FOX backing him up, Hrithik and Katrina, music and even then, he decided to screw it up. Yes, Bang-Bang is a screwed up film because of the cliche writing.
Anand hasn’t written the film, Subhash Nair has, but he was the captain of this ship. He could’ve used his own writing skills over here, considering he’d co-written Hum-Tum with Kunal Kohli.
I still don’t get it, whenever we watch such films-our Indian cops/officials or whatever turn into superheroes. How do they manage to lead abroad? How do they reach everywhere and that too, before the thief? In reality, they won’t even bother picking up the phone. LOL!
Shaping a story around the Kohinoor diamond and then dragging it from London to Shimla and then Prague to Dehradun? It’s funny because of this drastic shift. That’s how the screenplay works, it reaches nowhere.
Katrina plays Harleen Sahani, a bank receptionist from Shimla who has never dated anyone and has never stepped out of Shimla. (After the age of 10)
Guess what? Harleen has an accent, her Hindi pronunciation sucks and she’s too gorgeous to be a bank receptionist.
Another cliche: She shifted to Shimla with her dadi after her parents died. How did they die? Any guesses?


I’m sure while writing the script, the writer must’ve thought:
“Ladki ka character build up karna hai, parents nahi honge toh emotional connect aajayega, kaise dikhayen that her parents died? Oh yes, our old Hindi films-CAR ACCIDENT!”

Anyway, Bang-Bang surpasses the illogical zone of filmmaking. Katrina Kaif looks the same and does the same thing, yet again. She’s like the classier Sonakshi Sinha.
Does the same thing, time and again. She’ll remind you of all her recent characters, especially Meera from Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Aaliya from Dhoom 3.
High time, please learn how to play a character Katrina?
Hrithik Roshan solely carries this film on his shoulders. He’s brilliant. But please do something that lives up to your caliber man.
The action is another high point because it’s new for Bollywood. The camerawork is extraordinary and the music too. Music is actually the best part, if I recall everything.
Vishal-Shekhar, thumbs up!
Siddharth Anand and Subhash Nair, if you guys think you’ve pulled off a good film then please quit filmmaking. Seriously!

Bang-Bang is the film everybody’s going to love because it doesn’t make any sense and it’s been released to make money. But to be honest, I’d request you to watch Haider instead.
The best way to describe this film and its potential would be:
If you’ve played FIFA on PS or X-BOX, you’ll know that you can choose Classic XI and then easily beat any other team. Siddharth Anand chose Classic XI, but then lost to India while playing the game. It’s a weird example, but that’s what this film did to me.
Have fun!







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