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Love-hate relationship! You’d hate Mardaani for the reality, but love it for the way it’s been made. Rani and Tahir are beyond amazing.

After a long time I’ve seen a brilliant Hindi crime drama film and the fact that it had Rani Mukherji, made it more special. You just can’t write her off. She’s special, she’s legendary.

Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani), a senior inspector of the crime branch lives in Mumbai with her husband, Dr. Bikram Roy (Jisshu Sengupta), and her little niece Meera. Meera and Shivani are really close to a young teenage girl, Pyaari who sells flowers at traffic signals. All of a sudden Pyaari disappears and since she’s like Shivani’s daughter, Shivani decides to investigate and solve this case. This is followed by an investigation that helps her track an organised sex trafficking racket and quite soon she gets into a Tom and Jerry chase with a mysterious drugs and prostitution top dog, Karan/Walt (Tahir Bhasin). Slowly, this small rivalry turns big, as Karan attacks Shivani on a personal basis-by getting her husband humiliated in public and then sending devastating gifts to her. How she traces him and solves the entire case, with an impactful climax-that forms Mardaani.

Honestly, Mardaani is a brilliant film. It’s almost flawless, almost because the actress who played Karan’s mother spoilt the entire flow for me. I wish she hadn’t performed like a daily soap actress. I wish. The second thing, the fight sequence between Rani and Tahir, at times, it was visible that the antagonist is purposely getting beaten up. Disturbing, it was.
Otherwise, this film is delightful and hard-hitting at the same time.
Gopi Puthran, Pradeep Sarkar, Artur Zurawski and whoever wrote the dialogues, these guys deserve an applause. Really, I didn’t want the intermission to come, I was that intrigued. The background score too, complemented the scenes to perfection. But the most important thing about such kind of a film-performances!
Each and every character, except the antagonist’s mother, of course-was perfectly casted.
Kudos to Shanoo Sharma, the casting director! But most of all, Rani and Tahir! Rani is the soul of the film and she’s impeccably perfect. Each and every emotion, the body language and the accent, everything was perfect about her portrayal. Really missed her onscreen, she’s one of the best actresses we’ve ever had and she’ll always remain a legend. Thanks for coming back like this.
And Tahir Bhasin is such a wonderful find. His character was complex and unconventional. A 25-year-old asshole who dropped out from Hindu college and is a big Breaking Bad fan and mostly converses in English, his performance took the character to a completely different high. His character had different dimensions, as you’d like his style in one frame and just hate him in the other. Plus, you can feel his presence in front of Rani. Do I need to explain further?

The climax gave me goosebumps and it was tearjerking, I would really want all women to watch this film and gain some courage out of it.
I know women are still going to be treated like this because ye India hai, but if our women come together and become fearless, koi kuch nahi kar paayega because jab log sath aate hain, tab law ki bhi phat-ti hai. Kyunki ye India hai, India! Book your tickets right away!

4 stars



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