Courtesy: Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Enter’pain’ment! That didn’t make any sense, but that’s exactly what Entertainment is all about. It took me five days to recover, and here I am: Reviewing this slapstick comedy!

Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting it to be good, as I’d hated the trailer and even the songs for a matter of fact and Tamannaah Bhatia: She can’t act, period.
But recently, I’d attended Entertainment’s press conference and the conviction Akshay showed there, it made me wanna give it a try because he quite confidently said: “Entertainment is the funniest film I’ve done.”
And being an ‘ex’ Akshay Kumar fan, I took the risk.

The story is simple, obviously without a logic. A struggling actor Akhil (Akshay Kumar) wants to marry his girlfriend Saakshi, who’s a television actress (Tamannaah Bhatia), but her dad (played by Mithun Chakraborty: YES, AGAIN. THE SAME CHARACTER) is against it because Akhil’s not rich. In the process of becoming rich, he gets to know that his real father is a millionaire and as soon as he gets this news, the news channels report his father’s demise.
Apparently, Pannalal Johri’s (his dad, played by Dalip Tahil) 3,000 crore property was supposed to go to someone who was related to him. So, after this, the excited Akhil gets to know that the property’s owner was Entertainment, a dog (played by Junior). And the film revolves around this for 2 and a half hours.

The dialogues, screenplay and the so called ‘plot,’ everything is horrible. Yes, a few dialogues are funny, but that’s because of the way those dialogues have been delivered by actors like Johnny Lever and Krrushna Abhishek.
Johnny Lever’s the best thing about this film along with Junior, the dog who looks super cute and plays his part well. (Yea, I guess)
Akshay can never do a bad job, but this film is so terrible that I can’t even compliment him for anything. I was disappointed. Tamannaah looks okay-ish, too white though. Haha!
Prakash Raj was irritating, though Sonu Sood looked wonderful in this different avatar.
Sajid-Farhad claim that they are hardcore Bollywood lovers. I don’t know what’ll happen to Bollywood if such films continue to release. I think Sajid Nadiadwala’s the only ‘intelligent’ Sajid in the industry for now. (Coughs)

The music is below average and the best song of the film comes right at the end. “Veerey Di Wedding,” sung by Mika Singh! Mika’s voice is too groovy and perfect for such songs. Cinematography’s okay-ish, nothing great. And editing? I hope the editor’s alive. I feel your pain, I seriously do.

Still recovering. But I guess many people have liked the film, so those who haven’t watched it, try your luck if you love over-the-top, cheesy cinema. Good Luck!










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