His Journey Of Love!


Since the very beginning, he was quite sensitive at heart, 

Trust broke a lot of times, and things kept falling apart.
Discovered love just once, he thought it was meant to last,
Wasn’t aware of this world, which is awfully fast,
Where relationships change every second, and you abruptly turn into their long gone past. 

Fairly reckless, the poor lad just couldn’t let it go,
Chaotic about what happened, wondered why life suddenly turned so slow.
Hands on his head, tears rolling down his left cheek,
Montages of his memories turned him exceedingly weak.
Still remembers how she smiled,
How her teeny-weeny nostrils shook like those of a child.

Her tight-winter morning hugs and his dark green sweaters,
Her chattering teeth and their firmly clasped fingers.
He recalls it all,
but she believes…it was kiddish, again making him crawl,
Suddenly building up this-resilient looking wall, claiming that throughout their togetherness, they were too immature and really too small.

Today she’s with someone else, but he’s pretty much the same,
Little bit hurt and away from this estranged game.
She is pretty happy, so he doesn’t try to intervene,
Looks back at that couch, where they once used to lean.
Those flashes and memories turned him quite keen,
Because till today, she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.5799340-black-silhouette-of-a-boy-and-girl-which-sits-under-the-moon


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