Courtesy: Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

A vague piece of poetry that manages to skid inside your heart. You may hate it, you may love it. Either way, it’s going to haunt you.

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
The opposite took place! Mohit Suri after one year, Riteish and Siddharth playing the baddies and the mesmerising music, along with a grippy trailer that gets you all excited.
Who wouldn’t expect? Yes, Ek Villain didn’t match my expectations. But, it’s not a bad film.

The story is transparent and by the time it reaches the interval point, you’ll know what the end is. But Mohit Suri overcomes that flaw and manages to engross you till the very end.
That’s mastery.
Since talking about the story would open up the plot, I’d prefer listing out the things you should watch out for and the things that were really undefined.

The Positivities:
The beginning is really interesting and out of the box, and it would certainly open a lot of doors for aspiring filmmakers. It’ll give them the confidence to do something different.

The cinematography deserves an exclusive mention, as Vishnu Rao has captured some great visuals and Mohit Suri complimented him perfectly, by taking it to another level.
-The title rolls in and we see those yellow smiley balloons go up in the air, that’s one of the most beautiful sights, especially for fellow filmmakers: I can bet!
-A paper plane shot in between the ‘Hamdard’ song, that’s marvellously shot and executed.

‘Zaroorat’ and Siddharth’s heroic gestures. Even though it looks stupid in the beginning, if you start concentrating more, you’ll get lost in Siddharth’s eyes. They were fumingly red.

Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) has been cleverly casted (keeping his current Twitter fan following in mind) and surprisingly, he has done a good job.
The ‘2 rupees people’ dialogue is so ‘apt,’ hats off.

The ‘Awari’ song: where we get to see Prachi Desai in a new avatar, has been shot aesthetically (AGAIN) and Prachi’s performance would melt your heart and make you feel every bit of the emotion she’s trying to portray.

The music has always been the highlight of Suri’s films and once again, he has given us the best album of 2014. But he took these songs to another level by picturing them so intelligently. Genius!

The cast is beyond perfect. Riteish will surprise everyone with his mean and ruthless character. (That’s what the world is saying)
But no one noticed the other side of Riteish’s character. The  innocence of Rakesh has been projected perfectly by him. Riteish is finally getting what he deserves.
Shraddha on the other hand didn’t have much to do. At times it would make you feel as if it’s Aarohi who has turned into Aisha now. But whatever said and done, she was graceful.
Siddharth Malhotra is an absolute revelation. Words won’t be enough to describe this man’s performance and caliber. Who would have thought that this charming man would pull off such a rugged role? I never did.
He has certainly earned a fan in me and I’m sure he’ll blow your mind too.
His eyes are so deep and can express any emotion, in seconds. A special mention: His diction is ‘perfect.’
Initially Arjun Kapoor was supposed to play Guru, but he declined the offer. I guess that was his biggest mistake because from now, Siddharth would undoubtedly be placed way above all the newbies, and for me, after Ranbir, it’s Siddharth Malhotra and we never know, in the next 2-3 years, Siddharth might overpower him as well.

Last, but not the least: Mohit Suri. He is a strange and envious filmmaker. His risk taking nature and conviction in his actors: It is so wonderful to see. Suri deserves all the credit because he engages you till the very end, even though the writing is terrible and is bumpy most of the times.

The Negativities:

There were a lot of undefined things and moments in the film that would bother anyone who’ll watch the film carefully.

The main one: Riteish’s character turned psychotic because he used to get cursed? That’s the only reason? People won’t buy that. When Rakesh gets beaten up by Guru, as a viewer I should’ve been happy, but there was something, that made me feel bad for him. That means Rakesh’s character had something nice about him, because he was innocent too.
If Guru’s background was given ample amount of time, even Rakesh’s background should’ve been shown. Disappointing.

Remo Fernandes, why was he even there? He was terrible as Caesar, and another thing: When Guru tells him that he’s quitting his previous life, Caesar lets him go. And afterwards, when Guru reaches out to him, his goons start charging towards him? I mean, what?

Rakesh keeps doing things for his family and mentions it too, again and again. But, not even once, does he think about his son. It’s always about Sulu (Aamna Sharif), even a psychotic father can’t be that heartless man.

Why would Aisha scold Rakesh for the screwed up roads? He used to fix telephones and quite evidently, he was doing something related to the wires. So strange!

Aisha was about to die, she was suffering ‘THAT MUCH.’ Just a few sessions of ‘something’ cured her? LOL! And her disease wasn’t even mentioned, pathological tests are for cancer, arthritis and many more things. Who would classify that?

In the end, Rakesh calls up the police inspector to tell him that he’s ready to surrender. He even calls up Guru. How did he get their numbers? 😛
He wasn’t even a ‘proper thug.’

Too many questions, too many answers. Cinematic liberties are fine, but so many liberties? Not quite sure!
Mithoon Sharma, Ankit Tiwari and Soch (Band) deserve 50% of the credit of Ek Villain, as the album is exemplary and every song is magical.
Even though there are a lot of flaws, one can’t ignore the positivities.
As we all say, rise above hate and look beyond negativities.
So, just for the positivities, go and watch Ek Villain: For the music, performances and Mohit Suri.

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