Courtesy: Wikipedia

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The power of Cinema, the power of Bollywood! Filmistaan: Probably 2014s best film after Queen. 

The film industry was so narrow at one point of time that beautiful filmmakers never really got an opportunity to come on board and show us their magical charm.
Nitin Kakkar is the prime example of that. The marvellous Filmistaan’s accolades would surprise all of you. Yes, Filmistaan released on 6th June’2014, but it was ready by 2012.
I’m guessing, it didn’t get the right distributors at that time, I’m glad UTV came into the picture and took the step of releasing it.

2012 Busan International Film Festival (South Korea)
Won – Special Jury Mention

2012 International Film Festival of Kerala (India)
Won – The Silver Crow Pheasant Award for the Best Debut Film

2012 Delhi International Film Festival (India)
Won – Best Feature Film-Indian Showcase

2013 Jaipur International Film Festival (India)
Won – Best Debut Director
Won – Best Upcoming Feature Film

2012 60th National Film Awards (India)
Won – National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

2013 10th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart (Germany)
Won – German Start of India.

^The awards!

Bollywood is something that has just been a part of our daily lives and I don’t think people can really argue about that.
It is a part of us in some way or the other. Even if some people don’t watch films, wherever they go, they would certainly get a tincture of Bollywood, maybe through songs? Or through posters, it can be anything!

Nitin Kakkar’s debut film captures two of the most highlighted topics in India, Bollywood and Pakistan.
Both the topics are strangely connected even though the sensitivity power is diverse. Both the countries love Bollywood films, but the strange hatred that we often see between India and Pakistan, that’s too sensitive and scary at times.
Kakkar deserves the credit for this beautiful film, hands down.
The story and the screenplay, it keeps flowing and there’s never really a dull moment. The way he has used humour as his weapon, it is beyond words.
The climax: Where he uses 2 speeches together, the first one: Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s and the second one: Jawaharlal Nehru’s, it’ll blow your mind away.
It’s a symbolic shot that shows the Pakistani’s sacrifice for his Indian brother and along with the comical moments, this last shot, it would just touch your heart and make you go speechless.

Sharib Hashmi (Sunny Arora) and Inaamulhaq (Aftaab) are the souls of Filmistaan. Both these brilliant artists complimented Kakkar’s vision perfectly and their bond together, it’s truly hilarious, as well as beautiful.
Hashmi has also penned down the dialogues and obviously, for a satire, the dialogues need to be perfect. This man is so talented that it’s not even funny.
His comic timing and the intensity in his eyes, specially in the scenes where he was required to give those stern looks, it would leave you spellbound.
What a gem we’ve found.

Innamulhaq, the man who has penned down Comedy Circus, India’s craziest comedy show that even gave Kapil Sharma the platform to go global and then start Comedy Nights, this man too, complimented Sharib at every given point. He’s a theatre actor and it just showed his love and passion for cinema, it just showed.
Pure Gold!

There are so many scenes that’ll make you laugh your guts out.
The trailer was nothing, the entire film is a laugh riot!
Don’t miss this one for anything.
It’s a complete film, the songs too, they take the film forward.

Meri Maa-Teri Maa-Par Hum Sab Ki Maa? CINEMA!
Lame 😛
But that’s how we roll.
Book your tickets right away!


4 stars




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