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At Times,It Stays!

An Idea Just Passed By:
How relationships tend to fade away- Especially in today’s world.
Couples do part ways, but at times, the feeling, the feeling of love stays.

It’s definitely not true for everyone but I’m sure this happens to ‘some,’ of us. 
So this is for them, just a small piece of my mind through poetry.
Please have a look and embrace it with your presence. 


There was a time when they just couldn’t breathe alone,
Glanced at each other, every minute…every second, that’s how they’d grown.
Promises were such, lavished every moment, every single touch;
She fiddled through his hair, he courteously removed her clutch.
Clasped hands throughout, lost in the midst of each other’s eyes, 
That was the depth of their love, that’s exactly how much.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 2.23.35 pm

Too much love, wanting to surrender,
Made way for insecurities, and turmoils began to render.
This tornado wasn’t…thwarted by either,
The depth slowly withered away, 
Mended by neither.
Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 2.27.57 pm
She cried, he cried, but none tried to induct,
Similar happened to that beamy rose… which they’d once plucked. 
Parallel was their life, turning him quite numb;
She moved ahead, waiting for what was next to come.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 2.22.08 pm
Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 2.24.10 pm
The love never vanished, even after an atrocious end.
Thought of each other, but always tried to defend.
Though they never spoke and really continued to pretend.
Their love was immortal and was just meant to transcend. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 2.24.32 pm


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Courtesy: BookMyShow
Courtesy: BookMyShow

Disturbingly hard-hitting, crucifying and vulnerable at the same time.

Nisha Pahuja creates a ravishing blend, a blend that’s too different from the exterior but evenly similar at the same time.
Women have always been degraded in our country, even though our constitution has given them equal rights but to be honest, that’s just paper based. 
Over the years, things might have become better for them, but there’s still a lot of dirt, filth and hypocrisy left. 

‘The World Before Her’ is certainly an eye opener for everyone, but only if we keep all the prejudices and preconceived notions aside. 
Pahuja captures two completely different worlds whereas she could have shown each of them independently, and I’m sure even that would have blown us all over.
On the contrary, Pahuja’s sharp and aesthetic move shows us two different visions, two different beliefs and two different upbringings.

The film bounces between two completely opposite personalities— Ruhi Singh, who aspires to become Miss India, and Prachi Trivedi, a militant Hindu nationalist with the Durga Vahini.
Both these women are sharp and strong headed but lack something or the other, for one it is the mentality and the upbringing, for the other it’s the urge and the want to do anything for the crown, but still sticking to the old traditions. 
Documentaries are labeled as boring-old school-torturous, it’s true, people do that.
But this one is completely different! It has humour, it has phenomenal music and it has emotions.
It will puzzle you, it won’t let you settle down and it won’t let you dislike either of the girls. That is the best thing about this documentary, it never turns judgemental. It never judges the Durga Vahini, it never judges the Miss India contest because both of them have major flaws and both of them have positivities. 

12-13 year old girls, not even women, learning martial arts and shooting. That’s such a proud thing, right? 
For their parents and the Durga Vahini Camp, it really is.
This sight would really break your heart, and specially after listening to their point of views, you would probably want to bang your head against a wall.

“Muslims and Christians are spoiling this country, Hinduism is the best religion, and if we are ever pinpointed, we would happily kill them.”
“Doodh Maango Kheer Denge, Kashmir Maango Cheer Denge”
(Ask us for milk, we’ll give you rice pudding, ask us for Kashmir, and we’ll slaughter you)

These girls and women, this is what they’ve been taught. It’s not their fault because at a very tender age, they are forced to believe and follow this stupid and unreal belief.
The only positive sign over here? They are trained to be independent, they are trained to be strong. They can use all this and create a better India but right now, they’re just in the opposite direction. 
Prachi Trivedi’s dad grossed me out. That man proudly told the camera that once Prachi lied to him, so he decided to brand her with a hot iron rod. Yes, as a punishment! 
He constantly criticised modern India, constantly criticised the Miss India contestants for wearing short clothes, whereas he himself was topless. Ain’t that disturbing? His ugly looking hairy chest? 
No one has the right to judge or question the other person, specially a woman. He kept on criticising the western world, even though he was using a laptop. Laptop is westernised too, ain’t it?
Prachi and her father, both of them criticised the Miss India pageant, but it was still on, and they were still watching it.
When will this hypocrisy stop? When?

Coming to the Miss India pageant, even though women are free over here and are respected a lot more, the way they are treated, it’s hideous. The mandatory Botox injections!
The frightful round in Goa where the girls were made to cover their faces along with their torsos with weird white sheets and walk the ramp to woo the stupid and idiotic judge Mark Robinson, who wanted to see and rate the their legs? I mean, seriously? Lol!
Over here, women are treated like objects, that’s what it portrayed.

The tearjerking moment when Pooja Chopra’s (Miss India’2009) mom reveals her story, how her husband was against another girl child and wanted her to kill Pooja after she was born, it terrifies me at the same time. When educated people talk like this, it just breaks your heart, it demolishes it. 
Why do people degrade women? Women are way above us, way above men. Pooja’s mom and Pooja herself, they are surely going to inspire a lot of women out there and I really hope they manage to open the eyes of stupid Indians who believe that a girl child shouldn’t be alive. 
I’m glad I have such amazing parents because they wanted a girl, not a boy. Sadly, they have two boys now who make their lives hell, but they still love us and do everything for us. (Love you mom-dad)

Running parallel to this, Prachi said that she listens to her father because her father let her live. 
How stupid is that? The only thing I liked about Prachi was that she stands up for something she detests, she doesn’t wanna get married, so she argues with her parents and fights for it.

On the other hand, Ruhi Singh is blessed to have such amazing and intelligent parents who constantly support her and guide her but the problem is the mentality and the thinking. 
In the end, when she’s talking about her loss and how she really hated the girls who won, she said something that was really strange and weak.
“I want to live my age because after 4-5 years, I’ll probably get married and have kids, so I won’t be able to live these moments.”

A modern woman talking like this, it’s really disappointing. 
Somewhere down the line, both these women and both the sections, they are demeaned by the society and the medieval thought processes. 

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this documentary, it will really open your eyes but you’ll have never-ending questions, than answers. 

*I hope people change their perspectives towards women.
To all the women out there: All of you, you make our world beautiful, and you add value to this country as well as  this world.*





Courtesy: Wikipedia

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The power of Cinema, the power of Bollywood! Filmistaan: Probably 2014s best film after Queen. 

The film industry was so narrow at one point of time that beautiful filmmakers never really got an opportunity to come on board and show us their magical charm.
Nitin Kakkar is the prime example of that. The marvellous Filmistaan’s accolades would surprise all of you. Yes, Filmistaan released on 6th June’2014, but it was ready by 2012.
I’m guessing, it didn’t get the right distributors at that time, I’m glad UTV came into the picture and took the step of releasing it.

2012 Busan International Film Festival (South Korea)
Won – Special Jury Mention

2012 International Film Festival of Kerala (India)
Won – The Silver Crow Pheasant Award for the Best Debut Film

2012 Delhi International Film Festival (India)
Won – Best Feature Film-Indian Showcase

2013 Jaipur International Film Festival (India)
Won – Best Debut Director
Won – Best Upcoming Feature Film

2012 60th National Film Awards (India)
Won – National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

2013 10th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart (Germany)
Won – German Start of India.

^The awards!

Bollywood is something that has just been a part of our daily lives and I don’t think people can really argue about that.
It is a part of us in some way or the other. Even if some people don’t watch films, wherever they go, they would certainly get a tincture of Bollywood, maybe through songs? Or through posters, it can be anything!

Nitin Kakkar’s debut film captures two of the most highlighted topics in India, Bollywood and Pakistan.
Both the topics are strangely connected even though the sensitivity power is diverse. Both the countries love Bollywood films, but the strange hatred that we often see between India and Pakistan, that’s too sensitive and scary at times.
Kakkar deserves the credit for this beautiful film, hands down.
The story and the screenplay, it keeps flowing and there’s never really a dull moment. The way he has used humour as his weapon, it is beyond words.
The climax: Where he uses 2 speeches together, the first one: Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s and the second one: Jawaharlal Nehru’s, it’ll blow your mind away.
It’s a symbolic shot that shows the Pakistani’s sacrifice for his Indian brother and along with the comical moments, this last shot, it would just touch your heart and make you go speechless.

Sharib Hashmi (Sunny Arora) and Inaamulhaq (Aftaab) are the souls of Filmistaan. Both these brilliant artists complimented Kakkar’s vision perfectly and their bond together, it’s truly hilarious, as well as beautiful.
Hashmi has also penned down the dialogues and obviously, for a satire, the dialogues need to be perfect. This man is so talented that it’s not even funny.
His comic timing and the intensity in his eyes, specially in the scenes where he was required to give those stern looks, it would leave you spellbound.
What a gem we’ve found.

Innamulhaq, the man who has penned down Comedy Circus, India’s craziest comedy show that even gave Kapil Sharma the platform to go global and then start Comedy Nights, this man too, complimented Sharib at every given point. He’s a theatre actor and it just showed his love and passion for cinema, it just showed.
Pure Gold!

There are so many scenes that’ll make you laugh your guts out.
The trailer was nothing, the entire film is a laugh riot!
Don’t miss this one for anything.
It’s a complete film, the songs too, they take the film forward.

Meri Maa-Teri Maa-Par Hum Sab Ki Maa? CINEMA!
Lame 😛
But that’s how we roll.
Book your tickets right away!


4 stars




Directed by: Hansal Mehta
Produced by: Mukesh Bhatt
Screenplay by: Ritesh Shah
Based on: Metro Manila by Sean Ellis
Starring: Rajkummar Rao as Deepak Singh, Patralekha as Raakhee and Manav Kaul as Vishnu Sir
Music by: Jeet Ganguly
Background Score: Raju Singh
Cinematography: Dev Agarwal
Editing by: Apurva Asrani

Hard-hitting, Brutal and Literal at the same time. Rajkummar Rao is the future of our cinema. 

Based on Metro Manila, a British-Filipino independently produced crime drama film directed by Sean Ellis, ‘Citylights’ marks the comeback of Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar Rao after the impeccable ‘Shahid’ that made both of them win the National Award.

Metro Manila is perfectly adapted by Hansal Mehta and the writers, as not even once, it’ll make you feel as if it’s actually a foreign venture. The journey of a naive, poor and a helpless man who migrates to Mumbai along with his family in search of a better living, Hansal Mehta captures his journey beautifully along with Dev Agarwal, the cinematographer, who has done a mind-blowing job with the visuals.
It’s a real film! Numerous people go through almost the same thing, everyday. Specially in a city like Mumbai, life is as hard as it gets till the time you don’t have a proper job.
Citylights will really hit you hard, it’ll make you sob and uncomfortable at the same time, but that’s the reality.

I’ll fall short of words if I start talking about Rajkummar Rao, who plays Deepak Singh, the protagonist. He is THAT real and THAT believable that you actually start feeling every emotion.
His accent, his moustache, his walk, his body language, his expressions and what not? I saw his interview where he told the reporters that he doesn’t drink in real life, but to get the shot perfectly, he actually drank for the first time and woah-woah-woah, I can bet that you wouldn’t have seen anyone from the current lot perform like that. His drunken scene is one of the highlights of Citylights. He is the future of Indian cinema and he proved his worth, while many questioned the jury for handing him over the National Award, his performance in Citylights would silence each one of them and I won’t be surprised if he actually gets his second one for this.

Patralekha doesn’t look like a debutant, she’s a brilliant actress.
She knows her job, she knows her work and specially in this film, she knew her character, just too well. We have another true-dedicated actor. Perfect portrayal!

Manav Kaul is the surprise package. A huge applause for the casting director as every actor has been casted perfectly and Manav Kaul is superlative. His character’s cunningness-wittiness and the likeable quality, it stays with you even after the film is over.
Deserves all the acknowledgement.

The music is soothing and flows throughout the film , though the background score could’ve been a little better. Same goes for the editing, the editing could’ve been better as in-between the second half, it was slowing down a bit. But still, it’s a brilliant film and Hansal Mehta deserves most of the credit, along with Rajkummar.
Sean Ellis, hats off for such a hard-hitting script.
Next step: I’ll immediately watch Metro Manila but you guys, book your ticket, immediately!

3.5 stars