Directed by: Sabbir Khan
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Written by: Sanjeev Dutta
Starring: Tiger Shroff (Bablu), Kriti Sanon (Dimpy), Sandeepa Dhar (Renu) , Vikram Singh (Rajjo Fauji), Shireesh Sharma (Police Commissioner), Samar Jai Singh (Bhuppi), Prakash Raj (Choudhary)
Music by: Sajid-Wajid and Manj Musik
Cinematography: Hari Vedantam
Studio: Nadiawala Grandson Entertainment

A weak and an old-school script, saved by some wonderful actors and insane music. Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff: We have 2 new stars!

Love at first sight, we’ve seen a lot of it, specially in Bollywood films and Heropanti develops over it. The story is plain and simple, it has nothing new and it’s highly predictable. Can anyone watch it then?
Yes, that’s because of the treatment and the freshness!

Sabbir Khan, who gave us Kambakkht Ishq 5 years back, makes a comeback but a really confusing one. At times, Heropanti is really likeable and it engages you and makes you wanna root for Bablu, as he tries to make Dimpy realise her importance, but at times, it’s just too awkward.

The freshness is added by the young and talented star cast. Bablu’s friends played by: Karan Chhabra, Dev Sharma (Yaariyan fame) and the unsung hero of Yaariyan (again) Jatin Suri were immensely fresh and too good for their characters.
Sandeepa Dhar as Renu was pretty convincing as Dimpy’s elder sister and gave a high held performance.
Vikram Singh as Rajjo Fauji didn’t have much to do, sadly. But whatever he had, he did full justice to it. His rugged looks, his body and his voice, everything just fitted the character perfectly.
He deserved more scenes.

Prakash Raj was finally different in this one. Even though his introduction and the way his character was growing in the film was really irritating (Because we’ve seen him do that a trillion times?), there was finally something nice and different about his character.
The fatherly side of his character, when it comes out, it leaves you dazzled. Dazzled because he loves his daughters a little too much but he still believes in the community rituals and rules.
But anyway, that’s the writer’s fault!
Prakash Raj showed his class when he had to. A scene where he is seen running behind a bus, as he’s craving to see his daughter and another one, where he’s drunk and totally shattered by his daughter’s deeds, Prakash Raj just nails it. Both these scenes have a soul and they showcase the inner side of a father, irrespective of his profession. Even if he’s a goon, he’s still a father, and he certainly feels the way all fathers do.

Tiger Shroff’s debut is really puzzling and I don’t know why.
In some scenes, he is too good to be true but in some scenes, you’ll feel like laughing at him. Tiger is really restricted, maybe because it’s his first film and he’s too raw right now. Plus his dialogue delivery is really weak and he needs to polish it.
But there is something about him that makes you wanna forget all this and like him. I guess it’s his innocence that showed in his performance as well. His action was commendable, as expected and he dances like a star. Probably one of the best dancers we have today. I guess he just needs some grooming and then, he’ll be the next superstar. Watch out for him, he deserved a better film and a better director.

Kriti Sanon stole the show for me. She didn’t have A LOT to do and somehow, her character was also stereotypical, but she made something out of it. In every scene and in every frame, she showed how wonderful she is.
I think she’s a born actress because she can emote everything with sheer ease and even though her character was poorly written and she didn’t have much to do as an actress, she left a mark.
She will make boys fall for her, especially with that smile of hers.
We have another star. Even she deserved a better film and I’m sure, she’s going to make a mark for herself in the coming future.

The music is the best thing about Heropanti after Tiger and Kriti.
Sajid-Wajid, Manj Musik and Mustafa Zahid- Billal have done an astonishing job.
From Whistle Baja-Raat Bhar and Pappi Song, to Rabba (one of my favourite romantic songs, lately), Tere Bina to Tabah, the entire album is brilliant.
Tiger’s dance, tiger’s dance, tiger’s dance! Phew!

Overall, Heropanti is a poor and a ‘confusing’ film but thanks to the music, Kriti and Tiger, it deserves to be watched once, at least.

Not to forget, Sunil Grover (aka Gutthi) has an interesting cameo, it’s hardly 2 minutes, but that’s the best comical scene in the entire film.
He deserves to be acknowledged.
Tiger and Kriti, hoping to see them in a better film and specially Tiger because he’s the new version of Salman and Hrithik. He can really go a long way, specially with the humility he has, and Kriti, she has already made me fall in love with her art.
Watch Heropanti for these two.





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