Confusion: Us, humans!

There are times when we don’t know what to do,
The impulse takes over, & we’re hard-bitten, yea, that’s what we go through. 
It’s the confusion that comes in between,
Draws us towards every new thing, makes us quite keen. 
Uncontrollable, immensely frustrating, 
Out of our reach,  becomes quite suffocating.
Unpredictably childlike, people around us feel that we’re brainless,
Without understanding-being too selfish, the blame game, it’s rather heinous.
Faith is the key, support is like the abysmal sea,
Give it to us, & we’ll be able to see,
Where we’re going wrong, it’ll be quite easy,
Even though we’re humans, along with our thoughts, we’ll be able to flee. 


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