Unseen Reality, I Guess

It has been a while since I wanted to write about certain people of country. Quite often we talk about these eve teasers, then people who we usually get to see on the streets or near the signals.
What’s our first perception about them?

“He’s so brash and cheap, the way he is staring at people, oh my god, yuck!” 
“Let’s not go from here, these guys look dangerous, look at the way they converse, such cheap language.”

Cut to-

The unseen reality!

Though I agree, many of them are actually quite cheap and brash, but, it’s not always the same. Does that mean literates are cool enough? Literates who roam around in cars and bikes, wearing cool glares along with some girls, is it?
Not at all!
I haven’t really explored our country but thanks to the media, I’ve seen and I’ve heard about these things, that too, quite a lot.
But since I’ve been born and brought up in Delhi (North India) and now that I’ve stayed in Mumbai too, I know the unseen reality as well.

I’m 200% sure that the literates of our country are cheaper than the illiterates. People who have gone to school, people who have gone to college, people who have enough money to live a decent life, periodically are cheaper than those so called ‘illiterates,’ most of the times.
If you have a friend or even a crush and you talk to them, quite normally and without being cheesy or without any bad intention, sometimes, these ‘cool literates,’ they can’t really digest that fact and they end up threatening you, like, they own that girl and they are the kings of India.
Everything, it just starts with an abuse, and it goes on and on!
Leaving this aside, coming to another topic!

Same differentiation! These ‘kewl’ boys stand and talk about girls in such a cheap manner that it is actually disgraceful. They talk about the assets, they talk about their desires (desires of banging the opposite sex) and when these people, along with all of us, get to know about the rapes and the eve teasers, they stand up tall and do the same thing that they used to.
‘Abuse, threaten and curse,’ without realising that they are just the same.

Life is beyond hatred, life is beyond insecurities. Life is beyond abuses, life is beyond competition.
Why can’t people realise that? We blame those uneducated people and pass statements like: “Education mili hoti inhe toh ye aisa nahi karte (If they would have been educated, they wouldn’t have done this).”
But the fact is, education doesn’t teach us about life and values.
If it did, then, our country would have been sorted.
When the educated lot is like this, then how can we expect the uneducated lot to change and conduct themselves in a proper manner?

I don’t mean to offend anyone but if you’re one of those educated illiterates, then, it’s a request, please understand what I mean, please understand it. You are not a bad human being, no one is a bad human being, it is just that sometimes we take the wrong path without realising that we’re actually wrong.

We should just follow these simple unlisted rules of life:

“Respect everybody around you, respect women unconditionally , respect the society around you and the most important thing, respect your actions, your language and yourself the most.”

Abuses and insecurities, they are an unnecessary stress. Life is beautiful, if we let the impurities disappear.


2 thoughts on “Unseen Reality, I Guess

  1. Those people should not really have the privilege to be called literate. A person who doesn’t have financial security, he’s probably the one who wouldn’t touch us coz he can’t afford it (even though nothing really happens, he can’t take that risk) but the ones who are ‘literate’ they can shoo off the after math and get on with their lives

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