Directed by Vikas Bahl
Produced by Anurag Kashyap
Vikramaditya Motwane
Screenplay by Parveez Shaikh
Chaitally Parmar
Vikas Bahl
Story by Vikas Bahl
Music by Amit Trivedi
Cinematography Siddharth Diwan
Bobby Singh
Editing by Abhijit Kokate
Anurag Kashyap
Studio Phantom Films
Distributed by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

What happens when a typical and simple Dilli ki ladki gets dumped, 2 days before her marriage? No, not what you’re thinking.
The Answer: “QUEEN” happens!
When I watch films like Queen, I tend to go speechless and I fall short of words. Still, before elaborating much, I’d really like to tell you : Book your tickets right away!

  • What’s Queen about?

Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a really simple girl from Rajouri Garden whose parents run a Mithai Shop over there. She is an ideal daughter, an ideal sister who has never done anything that could upset her family.
She was really excited about her marriage, as she was getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Vijay (Rajkummar Rao).
More than the marriage, she was excited about her honeymoon. But soon, her excitement turned into a nightmare as Vijay dumped her two days before the wedding. As we’ve seen it in many Bollywood films, Rani doesn’t eat anything and she locks herself inside her room for quite sometime. The difference over here is :
Suddenly when she gets up in the morning, she realises that she hasn’t had anything since last night and quickly stuffs her mouth with some mithai. 😛 She decides to go for her honeymoon, all by herself, she really wanted to go to Paris and looking at the situation, her parents also agreed.
How a disheartened and broken Rani, who never went anywhere without her brother Chintu, goes to Paris and meets so many distinct personalities and how she befriends them and how she finally finds herself back, that’s what Queen’s about.

Memorably Impeccable Scenes:

The confrontation where Vijay and Rani meet at a coffee shop, that’s a beautifully captured scene. Rani’s broken whereas Vijay is worried about the others, as he’s literally biting his lips and asking Rani to leave. On the other hand, Rani’s younger brother (The cute and plump Chintu) glares at him and shows him his finger (Indicating: “I’ll beat the shit outta you.”)
Rani gets drunk and starts talking to the French people, explaining them her situation, and her distinctive moods. She’ll laugh about it, she’ll sob about it and suddenly cry about it. When she’s skyping her parents and Vijaylaxmi is with her, that’s probably the funniest scene of the entire film. When Rani meets her relatives in Paris (who try to act cool by speaking in French), as they wanted to show off, but soon they show their Kanjar-ness when they decide to give Rani 700 rupees as shagan.
When Rani makes breakfast for her roommates and the French man tells her that what she had made was not french toast and she quickly replies: “Indian French Toast Hai.”
The Punjabi pole dance and the scene where this naive woman buys a vibrator for his dad, thinking that it’s a massager and she suddenly bursts up laughing because she thought that her roommates were laughing at what she said, when she’d said: “Ye belt toh Lajpat Nagar mien bhi milti hai.”
The end credit role is delightful, do stay and watch it, Facebook looks better and prettier.

Honourable Mention:

Queen is a laugh riot since the beginning of the film, even though it is not treated like a comedy, but it’s just the innocence of the characters and specially Rani, that brings out the giggles.
There’s just one main lead and that’s Kangana. I’ll talk about her later because she’ll take away all the attention right now. 😛
Rajkummar Rao as Vijay is exuberant as the typical hypocrite Indian man who himself is a wannabe and feels that one trip to London can make him superior to the others. Rajkummar is perfect as he’ll make you hate his character and that’s exactly where he succeeds. An actor who is worthy of all the applauses possible.
Lisa Haydon is scorchingly HOT and she plays her part with ease. She is likeable and she just flows through it. All the other actors, including Rani’s three friends, specially Taka (The Asian) and Olixander, the Russian(Sikander, as Rani calls him) are a treat to watch.
Queen flies high on the shoulders of Kangana Ranaut. I seriously don’t have words to describe her and her performance. I’ve been going nuts over Parineeti and Alia (specially after Hasee Toh Phasee and Highway) and suddenly, we have Queen, which Kangana takes it to another level. She surpassed every performance our Hindi Film Industry has ever seen(Men included). People laughed at her accent? Look at this beautiful woman who has such a big heart and who has just let her work do all the talking. Kangana has even penned the dialogues (Additional dialogues). She feels the character, she breaths the character and she lives it. The expressions, the diction, the dialogue delivery, the body language and the homework she has done, it’s skeptically mesmerising. The innocence of Rani, Kangana holds it together till the end. The way she blushes when she talks about the ‘lip to lip kiss’ and the weirdly unfunny Santa Banta, non-veg jokes. It’s all so cute that it’ll make you fall for the innocence of her character.
She is the most underrated actress we have and she’s known for her unconditional work, but, she is scintillating. Vidya Balan, Parineeti, Alia, Deepika and blah blah, you must watch this and learn.


How often do we get to see a Hindi film that’s humorous, showcases the reality of our Indian society, makes you go ‘AWWW’ and leaves you with happy tears in the end?
Queen is the perfect example of that. Vikas Bahl, all hands down…take a bow! The screenplay is phenomenal and it is so engaging that you won’t get bored, even for a second. The cinematography is beautiful, specially during the Eiffel Tower section. Amit Trivedi nails it again with the music, with ‘London Thumakda’ leading from the front. Anvita Dutt for some magical lyrics and Kangana Ranaut for being Rani, if she wouldn’t have played Rani, it wouldn’t have had such a breathtaking impact.
National Awards for the second time? HELL YEAH!
Rani kisses an Italian for the first time, just to prove that Indians are the best kissers. Haha! And she made the firangs love our golgappas, that made me feel proud, proud of our country. 3 cheers for golgappas: Hip Hip Hurray!
For the first time in my life, I’ve seen an entire theatre, clap and applaud a film in such a manner. Even though it’s just March, I can assure you, Queen is one of the best films of 2014.
Once again I’m telling you, go and book your tickets right away.
Queen took me back to my city as it is full of my Dilli-ness.
While other people say bye or goodbye, just like Rani, I’d say:
“Dilli aana kabhi.”






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