Inside The Society!

2014 : Twenty-First Century : Education : Social Media Awareness : But has it changed the mental and societal behaviour of the majority?

There are so many flaws, there is so much of negativity around. Do we realise it? Our environment, our nation and our very own earth, it is hypnotised by this negativity.
We condition, we hate. If it doesn’t work, we criticise our innocent little fate.
We judge and we rate, laugh at those who are black, tiny or overweight?

It is not easy to admit our mistakes, it is not easy to look at the reality. But that can’t be an excuse, for the deteriorating society?
The literacy level has increased a lot today but what’s the point of such an education system? An education system that teaches you ‘absolutely nothing’ about the world or the society. We just learn how to be mechanical.
And I am talking about our country. Yes, I am talking about India.
We live in a hypocritical society and that is true, no matter how much we resist admitting it. Our education system and our schools, for instance. They teach us about the hormonal changes and puberty when we’re 12 or 13. But they have a problem with boys and girls hugging. (A NORMAL HUG)
They have a problem if a boy gives flowers to a girl on her birthday.
“Ye sab karne aate ho school mein?”
That is the answer we get from our teachers. Yes, they are the ones who educate us. Boys and girls are told to maintain a certain amount of distance : All the time! And when they do, they follow their parents and their teachers, some of them tend to fall for people of the same gender.
That is a mistake, that is a huge mistake. It is against humanity, it is against the societal rule and it is against God.
Then we get to hear all this from the same people. Are you kidding me? What exactly do we want? We want to condition and we want to restrict. But if something else happens, even when people follow these ‘rules,’ they are still blamed and punished. Education taught us this?
Easy to exclaim, easier to blame. Such backwardness, a disgraceful shame.
Control and power, the only weird aim? Nothing will work, things won’t ever be the same.

Hindu-Muslim rivalry, it is still going strong. Women are still getting raped. Girls are still told to follow certain rules, rules that only apply for them and not the guys. Domestic violence and marital rape, dowry and child abuse. All this is still going on.
Trust me, all this is not done by illiterates. 60% of the people are literates, so that can’t be an excuse.
Pakistan beat India and some Kashmiris celebrated in a college, that’s in Uttar Pradesh. They were thrown out and told to study in Pakistan. An institution did that, a college! Bravo!
First of all, why do Kashmiris hate us? This random Kashmiri guy I interacted with on Twitter, he told me the reason.
Have a look at this disgraceful thing and you’ll know :
Secondly, why do we possess so much of hatred towards muslims and Pakistanis? Why do we classify human beings, for a matter of fact?
Hindu – Muslim – Christian etc etc, why such a big deal?
This stereotypical thinking still exists and it really needs to stop. We need to love and not hate, we need to spread peace.

Life is too short, time would just fly.
Till we stop hating, till we stop the ‘sigh.’
Peace is what we need, not the unnecessary greed.
In a lifetime…just one good deed, happiness and joy…that’s what we’ll bleed.
Not that simple, not that tough…all we need to do is just give it a try,
The world will be a better place, if not today…then surely after our beautiful goodbye.


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