Directed by Saket Chaudhary
Produced by Ekta Kapoor,
Shobha Kapoor
Pritish Nandy
Written by Saket Chaudhary
Music by Pritam

Writer and director Saket Chaudhary is back with the sequel of the 2006 venture “Pyaar Ke Side Effects,” that featured Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose. Shaadi Ke Side Effects generated a lot of buzz due to its unusual pairing. Plus, after Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, expectations from Farhan Akhtar rose to a completely different level.

The best actors of this industry together in a film, good music, witty humour and an appealing storyline! Is it really enough for a film to work? Yes, but not over here!
SKSE kick starts powerfully, where the audience is dazzled by the situation as all the promos made us believe that Farhan and Vidya are playing a married couple. After a certain point of time, we realise that yes, they are a married couple and acting like strangers? It was just to keep their marriage stable. To have fun and to avoid the rustiness. Unique and amusing idea!
Sid (Farhan) and Trisha (Vidya) are living an amazing life together, even though Sid is still struggling his way to glory, as a musician.
Trisha’s pregnant and both of them have a baby. From there on, their bumpy journey starts off. How Sid is not at all prepared for the baby but due to some humorous fear, he decides to keep it. How their lives change after the baby finally starts growing up and how everything around them and the relationship they shared, starts changing. SKSE is based on that. The first half is so quirky, so witty and so grappling that you’ll probably laugh your guts off. The humour is not predictable, the humour is not old school. It instantly connects you to their story, to Sid’s narrative about the change in his married life. After the interval, the expectations from this film rose to another gigantic level. Thanks to its first half. But sadly, the second half is so poorly written, it is so poorly put together that it makes you wonder: “Is this the same film I was watching, one hour back?”
New characters come into the picture, the jokes begin to rust and everything just falls flat. Specially the climax!


Farhan Akhtar is undoubtedly the saviour over here. He gets inside the skin of Sid’s character and leaves you in splits. Impeccable comic timing diluted with some serious drama. He doesn’t try to be funny but still cracks you up, he is frustrated about life and Trisha, still doesn’t speak about it but you can feel the irritability.(Thanks to his expressive eyes and honest performance)

Ram Kapoor is another eye candy as he is finally used properly in a feature film, after Udaan. He plays his part with perfection and he makes you laugh whenever he is required to. Controlled performance.
The entire first half makes you laugh. Vir Das is the only good thing about the second half,(in a not so special appearance, as he has been credited 😛 ) along with an impactful scene of the child artiste.
The music also has its own life. It grows on to you, specially the song “Yahaan Vahaan,” sung by the multi talented Farhan himself. Overall, the music is damn good.


The second half, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is too slow, over stretched and full off hotchpotch moments.(Thanks to the poor screenplay) New characters come and go. Sid and Trisha fight for a tiny reason and make it so huge, it got dragged till the end. An unusual, predictable and cheesy end.
Another negative point: Vidya Balan didn’t have enough material but whatever she had, she played it with immense grace and sincerity. An actress of her level was literally wasted, according to me. She was playing this stereotypical woman, who had to stick to 2-3 emotions in the entire film.


Shaadi Ke Side Effects disappoints after starting off so well and striking the right chord. In the beginning, it had all the real moments and incidents that generated natural humour as I’ve seen my uncles and aunts go through this journey of raising a child and compromising on their social lives. But right after that, it dropped…really badly, as it never came back to the right track.
Best part about the second half: Vir Das and the scene where Mili (Sid and Trisha’s daughter) tells Sid that she doesn’t want to go back to Trisha, when she sees him crying (After continuously insisting that she wanted her mom). Saket Chaudhary could have taken this to another level but sadly, he couldn’t.
I still feel bad that Vidya Balan was wasted in this one. But the chemistry Farhan and Vidya shared, it is unmatchable. I wish they come back again, with a better script where Vidya gets enough screen space and material, and I’m sure they’ll be successful in mesmerising us.
Even though it is very bumpy and bores you down in the second half, you can definitely go and watch it for our very own Milkhu.
Farhan Akhtar, you beauty!


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.34.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.05.48 am


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