Love: The truth?

One word, one feeling and infinite complications. Love!
Its not just a feeling, its a different world. We all fall in love, we all lose our heart.
In the past, there were no complications. In the past, there were no conditions. Why is it that today, it has turned mechanical? Why is it that today, it has turned into a fanciful and an unreal dream?
Facebook, twitter, texting, bbm, whatsapp, skype, facetime and the list goes on and on. Have these things “really” affected us? It might just be true.
Every couple fights, every couple goes through the tiff. But that’s their problem,right? Why does it reach other people? Instant reactions. Social media, its become like a public diary. Hasn’t it?
Modern day diary entry.
These small little fights, they expand and turn ugly. Why? That’s because, either the boy or the girl, they decide to “move on.”
This word “move on,” it’s quite an interesting one.
Love is supposed to be beautiful, love is supposed to keep you happy: Every day, every night.
This feeling is so strong, this feeling is so exquisite. When your heart unknowingly surrenders itself to the other person, it goes beyond all the obstacles. It goes beyond all the odds, it just moves towards that person. Suddenly if that person is told to move on, you think it’ll happen? Of course not!
We all commit mistakes, all of us. But when your partner knows you, they should trust you enough to never let you go?
We live in a society where people say: “Is umar mein love nahi hota, padhai pe dhyan do”
(You don’t fall in love at this age, concentrate on your studies)
Really? Love has some fixed age group? You need to be educated enough to fall in love? You need to be financially stable to fall in love? No! Love is beyond all this. It can happen at any given point of time.

Many people say that we are practical, we think practically that’s why we want you to move on. What exactly is practical in this? It is a feeling, it is that person’s life. It is not some exam or a job interview.
Another line that’s regularly used in today’s world, specially when you want to dump the person or reject their proposal: “You’ll find someone better.”
If that man or woman is in love with you, why would they want to be with someone else? It’s easy for people to be practical today, it’s easy for them to let such beautiful moments go but when it actually fades away, you’ll miss it someday or the other.

When someone is in love, there’s no right, there’s no wrong. There’s just one feeling and that one love song.
It may last, it may not. But that journey, it is always quite long.
I still miss that one, I still miss her face…but nothing can be done…the world’s busy…in an unreal race.
They might call us lovers,who are psychotic…we don’t care, we just need…that one smile, which is totally hypnotic.
That’s how we feel, that’s how we love, no demands…nothing at all, that one person, who’s totally above.
When someone is in love, there’s no right, there’s no wrong. There’s just one feeling and that one love song.


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