Directed by Sohail Khan
Produced by Sohail Khan
Sunil Lulla
Written by A R Murugadoss
Screenplay by Dilip Shukla
Based on Stalin
by A. R. Murugadoss
Music by Songs:
Devi Sri Prasad
Amal Malik
Background Score:
Sandeep Shirodkar
Cinematography Santosh Thundiyil
Editing by Harsh Tiwari

Salman Khan is back after Ek Tha Tiger and what do we have this time? It’s actually an extended version of him. Jai Ho is about an ex army officer Jai Aghniotri who is a gem of a person with a violent streak. Why the violent streak? Because he is petrified and irritated with the country’s situation. He wants to change the country’s situation. More or less, he wants it to change. So, he starts a chain. That chain states: “Thank you mat boliye, instead 3 logon ki madad (help) kijiye aur un teen logon ko boliye, ki vo bhi aisa karen. Karke dekhiye, acha lagta hai.”

We know our country, right? We commit to any and almost everything but when we should actually do it, we back out. This is what happens over here. People start making excuses. Eventually, Jai is dazzled by this. Specially after so many tragic events! A disabled girl committed suicide because no one agreed to help her write her exam, one little girl who’s begging on the road…she gets bullied by a man and her father is busy playing cards, as she is forced into this hideous activity. After that he finds a baby, stolen by a beggar. All these incidents affect him a lot and he is totally confused and worried. Why can’t other people see all this? He often questions himself.
Salman Khan has always been criticised, people say that he does senseless cinema and his films are pointless. Some said the same thing, even after watching Jai Ho. Specially the critics.(I am a freelance critic myself but not like the others)
Jai Ho may not be cinematic, it may not have the best music but it has a beautiful soul. It unintentionally shows us the real India.
If corruption in this country won’t stop, this is exactly how we’ll have to deal with the country. We will have to fight for our own rights. We look at disabled people, we look at beggars (specially the kids) and we express grief. We pity them. WHY? Is pitying everything? Why can’t we stand up and help them? Help them live their lives with pride and equality.
Teen logon ki help karen, doesn’t mean that you should just help three people. It’s a way of saying that help AT LEAST 3 people.
Calculate it! 3 people, then 3 and then 3 more, etc etc! It will change this country for sure. For a better India, for a better environment, implement these ideas!

Salman Khan recently said that he’s a below average actor. I’d like to disagree with him. He is the most honest actor we have in this industry. He didn’t play a character, he felt it. He was natural and delightful. When he cried, for the first time he had this natural streak in him. As if, he’s crying because this actually happened to him. When he shouted and smashed the goons, it felt as if he is taking out his real frustration. (He had expressed that in an interview, after the Nirbhaya case) Salman Khan’s screen presence is WOW and after a long time, he is back in shape and that is how a star looks. His shirtless scene has its suspense but it ends up seeking a crazy applause. After a long time, specially in a multiplex…I experienced the craziness where people whistled for him, hooted for him, kids started dancing when his song came up and started shouting “Maaro Maaro” when he slammed those goons.
Now that’s a Superstar!
Daisy Shah makes an impressive debut. She is a fabulous dancer, no doubt. But she can act too, couldn’t explore it that much over here but there is certainly some spark in her. She is really cute. Tabu, as always she is a treat to watch. The finest actress we have ever produced. Sana Khan didn’t have much scope but whatever she had, she did it quite convincingly. Same goes for Santosh Shukla. Mukul Dev is brilliant. I thought he was better than Danny sir. But even Danny sir did a good job. Mohnish Bahl is soothing and the rest, they are good in their respective bit.
Special mention: Naman Jain, as Salman’s nephew…he is IMPECCABLE. His comedy timing is BANG ON and he is surely gonna go a long way. He is versatile as we’ve seen him in Bombay Talkies where he played a boy who wanted to be Sheila. He is certainly the highlight of Jai Ho, after Salman of course.
Secondly, Sudesh Lahiri in his typical Lahiri avtar. He is just too funny.

The music is disappointing as Sajid-Wajid are stuck somewhere in the past. I don’t know why. Same tunes again and again. Amal Malik and Armaan Malik, their songs: Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha, Love You Till The End and Jai Jai Jai Jai Ho, they save the album. Upcoming talents!
Though the background score is amazing. Kudos to that! The cinematography is beautiful and Sohail Khan has also done a decent job as the director.

Overall, Jai Ho is a problem solver for us if we understand the sentiments of this film. Being rich and famous, it isn’t that tough. But being human? It’s the toughest of them all. If we learn something from this and implement that, we will end up becoming better human beings for sure.







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