Story, screenplay and direction: Vijay Krishna Acharya.
Produced by: Aditya Chopra.
Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff and Siddharth Nigam.
Music: Pritam, Julius Packiam.
Background Score: Julius Packiam.
Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee.
Editing– Ritesh Soni.

Romance, comedy, action, thrillers and etc etc. Filmmaking has a lot of genres. The Dhoom series, it’s actually a combo meal for the viewers, as it nearly had all these elements in it.

In 2004, we saw how YRF came up with this unique idea of making a film on bikers and it had John Abraham, who was playing the villain. Everybody thought it would fail at the box office and it won’t last but, it actually created a rage amongst the youngsters and gave us “John- The Actor.” People said that it’s an Indian version of Joseph Kahn’s Torque but still, it did quite well and people enjoyed the characters.

In 2006, Dhoom 2 released and broke all the records, becoming a huge blockbuster. Clearly, the hotness quotient went to another level, as we had Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Bipasha Basu in this one. Dhoom 2 belonged to Hrithik and the sheer conviction, it just took it to another level.

So, there was a lot speculations about the 3rd instalment and after 7 long years, YRF came out with D:3. This time, Vijay Krishna Acharya (who wrote the first 2 instalments) stepped into the shoes of Sanjay Gadhvi (who directed ‘Dhoom and Dhoom2) and guess what? We have Aamir Khan as the villain. Since, the Dhoom franchise has always been about style and sex appeal along with a determined performance, many people doubted Aamir’s ability. There were direct comparisons between Hrithik and Aamir. The movie wasn’t promoted that much by Aamir and YRF but still, it generated curiosity amongst all of us.

Dhoom 3 begins with the introduction of Sahir played by Siddharth Nigam (Young Sahir). His introduction is old-school but kick-ass.  It had something about it and the film started off on a high note. Then came our very own Jaggu Dada, i.e Jackie Shroff (Iqbal, Sahir’s father) and his screen presence along with the voiceovers, it was a treat.
The western bank of Chicago lent money to Iqbal Khan so that he could save his circus but they decided to close down the circus as he wasn’t able to repay the loan. The scene where Sahir pleads with Anderson not to shut down his father’s circus as he and his father would soon be able to turn the corner: It had so much of emotions attached to it and Siddharth Nigam nailed that one.
But Iqbal Khan’s presentation before the bankers and Sahir’s pleas don’t help. Iqbal Khan commits suicide in front of Anderson, leaving Sahir devastated and full off vengeance.
The next shot, Aamir’s introduction. The camera work and Aamir’s diction, it has so much of depth that it would move anyone who’s crazy about cinema and the art of filmmaking. Sahir wants revenge and he certainly decides to rob all the branches of the same bank. The first robbery is disappointing and it’s easy to guess that it’s been done with the help of VFX. Nevertheless, the introduction of Jay and Ali (Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra) is okay-ish. Thanks to Uday, you’ll have a smile on your face but overall, the introduction is disappointing. Same goes for Aliya (Katrina Kaif).
Vijay wasted a lot of time on the introduction of the characters and he could have saved a lot of time by cutting it short.
The plot has been inspired by “The Prestige” and if you have seen it, then you might find Dhoom 3 a bit boring and people who haven’t, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the chase and the thrill.
The screenplay is a bit dull as the film loses pace in between and make you wonder, what exactly is happening?
But the fact is that, Dhoom 3 is Aamir Khan’s show. Why should you watch this film? It’s because of him.
The dedication and the urge to play Sahir and Samar, you need guts to that. Samar is Sahir’s autistic twin brother about whom I won’t talk much. Both the characters are poles apart, the only similarities are: They are twins, they are criminals and both of them are gymnasts. Hats off to Aamir! He makes you believe that he is Samar, he makes you believe that he is Sahir. The scene where Samar realises that he’s lonely and he realises that he is what he is, because of Sahir: Perfectly executed. Aamir is bang on.
Abhishek Bachchan is one of the most underrated actors we have and he certainly deserves acknowledgement for this one.
He is really soothing and decent as Jay. I don’t know why people make fun of Uday Chopra because he always delivers a decent performance, specially as Ali. Uday manages to crack you up with his one liners and stupid English.
He deserves some credit as he’s from such a big family and developing this “ghaati diction” it surely is something great.
Whereas, Katrina Kaif is wasted. She looks hotter than Esha Deol, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Bipasha Basu. But sadly, her role in not dignified. How did she fall for Samar? All of a sudden? When she actually used to hit on Sahir. In the end, we see that she handles “The Great Indian Circus.” Why does she? She suddenly surrendered her life to Samar? Really messed up.
But she looks hot and dances sensuously. Aishwarya had a better role in Dhoom 2 and obviously, the chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya was way better than Katrina and Aamir’s chemistry. But anyway, the actual chemistry is between Sahir and Samar.
So, Aamir Khan manages to play both the characters to perfection and makes you believe that Sahir and Samar are two different people, even though they are portrayed by the same man.

The cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee is sorcerous and it just raised the bar for all our cinematographers. Now, that’s camerawork, seriously! The editing by Ritesh Soni is quite a disappointment, he could have edited it and made it compact.
Music by Pritam’s good, not top notch but soothing to the ears. Specially Malang, which is the most expensive song of Bollywood.
Siddharth Mahadevan and Shilpa Rao- Their voices are divine. But, visually this song will drive you insane.
Sudeep Chatterjee deserves a thunderous applause for Malang. He has shot it with so much of grace and perfection that it’ll teach a lot of aspiring filmmakers and cinematographers about certain aspects of filmmaking. It’s the WOW song.
Kamli, sung by Sunidhi’s good but not that amazing, whereas Katrina looks HOT in the song and dances beautifully. Thumbs up.
Aamir’s dedication towards his work, it needs no introduction right? The tap dance is obviously not perfect but it is certainly quite amazing to see him take the initiative and deliver it with ease. He looks stunning and the music is bang on.
My personal favourite: Bande hain hum uske, sung by Shivam Mahadevan and Anish Sharma, it’s the most beautiful composition along with the most innocent and loveable vocals. It’ll leave you with some tears in your eyes.

On the whole, Dhoom 3 is an Aamir Khan film as the others don’t have much to do. The story and the screenplay could have been a lot better. The highlight about the chase sequences: The camerawork.
Dhoom 3 is not about stylish and hot thieves, this time it’s about emotions. Father-son emotions and brotherhood. It does bring about the emotion inside you. I just wish Vijay Acharya had written it with a lot more ‘sense’ but nevertheless, it is a one time watch for sure. Some people might not agree with me but it deserves to be watched: For Aamir Khan and for Sudeep Chatterjee’s brilliant camerawork.
If people enjoyed Chennai Express and Krrish 3, then Dhoom 3 certainly won’t disappoint you.




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