Country’s Dilemma- Politics

The government we have… is surely corrupt, 

bribery and position comes first, why always so abrupt?

How do we cope with this? How do we survive?

Monetary satisfaction, the only reason why these greedy chipmunks thrive.

The entire country wonders, why can’t we burn such people alive?

I’d suggest something better, I’d suggest something sufficient… 

no violence…no abusing, one vote is all we need to cast,

keeping aside the past, remembering the people who got harassed…

coming together as an amassed, let’s just go for it…let’s do it at last. 

Choose the one you believe in…choose the one you think is right,

voting is our superpower, it’s our only ray of light…

so, let’s just hold on to each other really very tight,

things will change…things will work, we’ll have a much better sight.


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