Common People-Eternal Superheroes!

-Wrote this for a college event. Keeping Spiderman in mind.

We talk about politics in India and nearly 90 percent of the country turns antagonistic. Am I right? Or Am I right? A person like me, who was never bothered about politics or about the situation of our country and who literally gave a damn about the political parties, has been affected by this infectious mosquito called “corruption.” It is everywhere. Yes! Corruption is everywhere. From schools to colleges. Colleges to offices and offices to the Parliament. What are we doing about it? Nothing! Except cribbing about it, all day long. Wherever I go, people just talk about how corrupt our government is and how our politicians are thieves dressed up in decent Kurta-Pyjamas.Why don’t we realize that we have the power to change this ugly scenario? YES, WE DO!

When it is about the government, when it is about the votes- You, me, your servant and my driver. We are all the same. The power lies within us, the power lies within the common man. 

The situation is worsening each day. Our present government, what is it doing? Do you think they are bothered about the rapes? Or the dropping economy? They are more concerned about the fact that Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal have sacked the hell out of them. We can’t let this happen, we can’t let the beauty of our country evanescence like this. Vote for the right one, vote for the one you trust. The rest are going to bribe. They are going to make false promises, just like they have been doing since ages. 

All these people are like Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. They have the power but they are using it to “own” our country and not work for the betterment of it. So, why should we lag behind? Our vote is our superpower. We will vote for the right one and these belittled villains are automatically going to get destroyed.

Even Spidey wants you to vote, he wants you to showcase your power…it’s not so hard, just about the right one and the respectable one to empower.          


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