Friendship Or A Lie?

My take on friendship in today’s world, where competition and insecurities overpower the beauty of love and bond amongst friends. More or less, it’s about acquaintanceship. Even this was written 2 years back. Hope you like it-

Friendship is like a cryptical seashore,
it’s a relationship which everybody likes to adore.
Near this silent seashore lays a mountain of trust,
a five letter word which is as solid as the earth’s crust.

All this seems like an illusion when we look at today’s changed world,
experiencing something new each day and getting totally whorled.
You have to be cold, cold like the unconditional wind,
not taking anyone’s crap and separating the human rind.

Sunshine of belief is  highly raw,
friendship has turned into a bane and trust is it’s major flaw.
Live for yourself, live for your dream,
achieve your goal and create your own stream.


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