Corruption, Oh Lord!

I  penned this down during an English paper and I feel most of us can relate to it because ‘Corruption’ has dismantled us all. It is everywhere. From schools to the parliament. Hope you like it-

Corrupt PoliticianCorruption

As a democratic citizen of this country I'd like to enlighten you all about a major threat that our country has been suffering from, "Scams and corruption."
Right from schools to offices to the parliament, our entire nation has been bitten by this new age mosquito called 'corruption.'
It is present everywhere. At the school level, we all lie about every small thing and that's somehow habitual. Even I do that at times but its wrong. I shouldn't say this but since I'm here to speak against corruption, I have to. I luckily got through the post I wanted during my school days but many students didn't get any post even though they had immense potential and were deserving enough. Many times, our teachers tend to get bias and that's unfair. If we all follow the path of honesty, these problems will never arise. Our government, for instance - It has been exploited by scams and corruption. Our very own politicians are scandal struck but are still getting away with it. 
Prices of the necessary goods are reaching the skies and we think our country's developing? One dollar costs more than a fifty bucks today, that's the amount of depression India's suffering from. If we take one common step, just one step of being honest and true to ourselves and the world around us, there's no chance of any corruption. Its all going to burn in disguise.  "We" are the future of India and we are surely going to follow what's written in our constitution- "Satyamev Jayate."

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