Appreciation > Money

We are often confused about what we really want and in today’s world, we merrily relate success to money. Ninety percent of us, we feel that money is the only way of analysing a person’s success. Whereas, we forget that appreciation is actually the best way of analysing it. You might lose out on the money you have today. But, you won’t lose out on the appreciation you’ll get today. Bringing a smile to someone’s face or satisfying them by your hard-work and dedication, that is a bigger achievement than earning a zillion bucks.  So, here is a poem that I had written…keeping this confusion in mind. Hope you like it- 

World? It’s an illusion,engraved with some tough stages.
 We are tested, we are put down.
We are brought up, as if we’re the kings and all of a sudden, we’re there- right at the bottom.

People come and they leave.
They are sometimes termed as ‘friends’.

Yea, that’s what they are called. In reality, they are acquaintances.
You rise and you’re surrounded by a mob. You fall and you’re asked by nobody, as if you’re a snob.

It’s a tough job to survive in this world, it’s a tough job to leave a mark.
Success is certainly measured in terms of money in this world whereas, actually ‘appreciation’ is the prime factor indicating one’s success.
The only way to die peacefully is by getting the others to love you and your work, rather than seeking criticism for your selfish means.
World and life, are a parallel abut.
Respect images


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