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Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Raj Babbar, Ravi Kishen, Gulshan Grover, Chunky Pandey

Special Appearance : Mahi Gill and Vidyut Jamwal
Story and Screenplay: Tigmanshu Dhulia and Amaresh Misra

Dialogues: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Music and Background Score: Sajid Wajid
Tamanche Pe Disco: RDB,  Nindy Kaur and Raftaar

Talking about Tigmanshu Dhulia, he is a really intelligent man. The man who wrote the impeccable “Dil Se” and bloomed into this industry. In 2011, when he came out with Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster, he immediately received an extremely positive response from the critics. But after the much awaited Paan Singh Tomar, tables turned and Dhulia got his first box office hit. (As saheb biwi was a moderate success)
Dhulia showcased his talent in front of the camera when he played Ramadhir Singh in Gangs Of Wasseypur. That just proves the quality of this man. Doesn’t it?

Since our country follows this weird tradition of not accepting critically acclaimed films, Dhulia decided to make a hardcore commercial film. That is how Bullet Raja, came into the picture.

One line story: Raja Misra, who’s a “good” dacoit drives a bullet. Hence, the title of the film is Bullet Raja.

Raja Misra, played by Saif Ali Khan belongs to a Brahmin family and his introduction is ‘kick-ass.’ He crashes a wedding to save himself from a few goons and befriends Rudra, played by Jimmy Shergill .They connect instantly due to their similar nature and outlook. As Rudra insists Raja to get along with the woman (Mahi Gill) who danced along with them. The situation changes due to an unexpected attack by their rivals with the help of Rudra’s own family member Lallan(Chunky Pandey).

This outraged the situation as Rudra’s uncle is put to death by Lallan and the gang. Unwilling to get into dacoity and the world full of blood, Raja and Rudra decide to take their revenge and that is how they get into this business. Unlike other commercial films, the revengeful scenes are not dragged out here. They find their enemies and thrive them to death immediately. Though, there is a lot of spark in between the revenge…as, Raja is always cracking his one liners which are inevitable funny.

Raja and Rudra get the support of  the senior Minister Ram Babu Shukla (Raj Babbar) as they prove their worth to him by hilariously killing a stupid minister. This unconvincingly creates yet another rivalry between R-R (Raja and Rudra) and Sumer Yadav (Ravi Kishan) who earlier worked with Shukla.

Shukla sent the duo to a meeting where a rich and arrogant Marwari businessman Bajaj (Gulshan Grover) insults them and scorches their ego. They kidnap him in an awkward situation where he is busy fooling a bengali girl Mitali (Sonakshi Sinha) who is an aspiring actress and that’s how Raja meets her. He falls for her immediately and somehow their opaque love story begins.
I’ll halt the story right here because it anyway has nothing extravagant about it; as it is pretty much predictable and stretchy but there is a good doze of action in the end. Thanks to the inspector (Vidyut Jamwal)

Bullet Raja disappoints overall as I expected a lot more from Tigmanshu Dhulia. The film loses pace and creates a lot of confusion in between. Sonakshi Sinha wasn’t even required in the film as her character seemed forced and anyway, she’s again doing what she did in Rowdy, Once Upon A Time and Dabangg. Sonakshi, you have talent. We saw it in Lootera. PLEASE! DO SOMETHING ELSE.
The love story between Raja and Mitali is so confusing that I was literally scratching my head off, wondering how it all started?
Another disappointed was the background score. Sajid-Wajid used Dabangg’s score and dismantled it a little and used it again over here.
Plus, the music is not engaging as well. Tamanche Pe Disco is the best song of the album (that too is by RDB not Sajid-Wajid) and the other good song is the title song.
Another confusing thing: Raja, Rudra and Mitali decide to explore Mumbai and suddenly, they end up dancing on Tamanche Pe Disco.

I still feel, Dhulia must have created something better than this as the entire film seemed disjointed and I am sure, that happened because of some terrible editing. You could easily make out that different-different scenes have been put together. Scene 1 and Scene 10 together, you can imagine the chaos now.

Saif is charming even in this rugged look and he delivers an outstanding performance. Jimmy Shergill is pleasing to the eyes and the chemistry Saif and Jimmy share, it’s too die for. The action is believable and it never really goes over the top. Another thing that I’d like to mention: Mahi Gill doesn’t have much to do over here and she’s not even a great dancer, but her expressions in the song are killer and I’m sure she is going to generate a lot of whistles in UP. She leaves a mark with everything that she does.

Saif Ali Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Vidyut Jamwal’s action (even though he was wasted in the entire film) and Tigmanshu Dhulia’s brilliantly put together dialogues. Watch Bullet Raja, just for these 4 things.
It is average.

Some of the astonishing dialogues are listed below. They might seem plain right now; but the dialogue delivery and the timing is pitch perfect.

“Uttar Pradesh ki rajneeti mein koi khaas nahi hota, jo jaan deta hai wahi khaas hota hai”

“Padhe likhe bakait aaj kal milte kahaan hain”

“Tum koi mamooli sipahi nahi ho, tum ho political commando”

“Dharmik mamlo mein mujhe ashleelta bilkul bhi pasand nahi hai”

“Jahan na pahonche bailgaadi wahan pahonche Marwari”

“Hamare yahan badla lene ki parampara hai koi corporate culture nahi jo agle deal me nuksaan adjust kar lein”

“Rajneeti aur vaishyavriti bahot prachin peshe hain, dono ka kaam shaanti banaye rakhna hai”

My personal favourite: “Jab hum aayenge toh garmi thodi badh jayegi, pata chal hi jayega”

Legendary- “Brahman bhukha toh Sudama, samjha toh Chanakya aur rootha toh Ravaan”

RATING- 2.5/5



REVIEW- Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Romeo and Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes blew me away when I watched it a few years ago. The beauty of William Shakespeare‘s masterpiece, is undeniable. When you have such an emotionally moving and a romantically engrossed plot, it becomes difficult  for you, to do justice to the actual story. That’s where Sanjay Leela Bhansali failed.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela is a fictional , Indian adaptation of Romeo and Juliet where there’s a fictional small town named Raanjar. Here, there are 2 mob clans Rajadi and Senera. It’s quite predictable that both these communities are against each other and there is a certain rivalry. One can easily predict the “main plot” as it’s an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. It was understood that Ranveer and Deepika ( Ram and Leela) are going to fall in love, by going against their communities and that’s going to cause a problem. BINGO! That is exactly what happened. For a good film to work in India, you need to have a good story until and unless you don’t have a superstar in your film. So, Bhansali sir screwed it up at the script level only.

Keeping this aside, the rest of the things were magical and wizardly amazing.
Ravi Varman (the man who shot Barfi), I don’t have enough words to describe the beauty of his work. Cinematography was the HIGH POINT of the film. Each and every frame, perfectly shot. But the only problem was that, too many slow motions were used, that’s another reason why the first half seemed so stretchy. But still, it was beautiful.
The art direction and the costumes, PITCH PERFECT. So much of hard-work, just for the apt set and people.

Another good factor- The music, which was given by  Sanjay Leela Bhansali, was astonishing. I’d be lying to myself, if I wouldn’t talk about the performances.
The supporting cast- 

  • Richa Chadda as Rasila, Leela’s sister-in-law
  • Supriya Pathak as Dhankor Baa, Leela’s mother
  • Homi Wadia as Radhu
  • Sharad Kelkar as Kanji, Leela’s brother
  • Gulshan Devaiah as Bhavani, Leela’s cousin
  • Barkha Bisht as Kesar, Ram’s sister-in-lawe
  • Abhimanyu Singh as Meghji, Ram’s brotherI’m losing out on words but the performances were the backbone of this film. Supriya Pathak, how can someone be so good? She’s the same woman who played Ranbir’s mother in Wake Up Sid. We loved her there. She’s the same woman who played Hansa in Khichdi. She can make you cry, she can make you laugh and she can even make you hate her. Ram Leela’s a proof. Ranveer Singh is growing from strength to strength. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him perform on screen. He was RAM and I could feel each and every emotion of his. 

    Similarly, Deepika Padukone…she’s the only bollywood actress who is actually capable of giving the Khans a tough competition. What a growth, she didn’t wear a bikini but still, she looked hotter than ALL THESE swimsuit models. 

    They way their love-making scenes have been captured, it’ll give you goosebumps. It’s sensuous and bold but nowhere close to vulgar. Now, that’s talent and superficial execution. The dialogues have been penned down, keeping in mind the youth of our country. They are funny, they are meaningful too. Beautifully written.

    I wish Sir Bhansali thought about the screenplay, if he would have done that…he would have delivered a classic. We’ve seen Ishaqzaade and Issaq, so obviously the same ideas can’t keep us entertaining. 
    According to me, he should have tried to do something different…specially with the climax. Disappointed by SLB.

    Anyway, even though there are a lot of flaws in the film. I would still recommend it. Watch it for the performances and the camera work. 😀

    ram leela movie review

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- My Hero

As a child, I still remember how we were literally told to revive the speeches by famous personalities. More or less, the politicians who used their weird expressions and voice modulations to get some weight to what they were saying. Unaware of the actual meanings, most of us would just mug up everything and add those weird expressions to our words and then deliver the speech and VOILA, we would get good grades in our school assignments or we would get the 1st prize at some competition. 
Today, after Sir Tendulkar delivered his farewell speech…I realised what actually a speech is. 
A speech is not about being loud or being technical about your words…it’s about how you exactly feel and I realised this after SRT, who avoided the flamboyant vocabulary and stuck to his simplicity and emotions, started speaking. 
The man who’s got nearly all the records to his name, that cricket has ever seen. The man who’s been a part of this game since the past 29 years. The man who came back strong after a terrifying Tennis Elbow injury. That man is loved by the UNIVERSE, not just his own country. We witnessed that after, he received a guard of honour from the Windies and after Darren Sammy spoke at the presentation ceremony. 
He has everything and still, he is immensely grounded. That clearly shows how beautifully he has been raised. 
He misses his father till date and still raises up his bat, in his memory. We could see the excitement in his eyes, when he spoke about his mother. We could see the love he had in his eyes for his kids and his wife. We could even sense the amount of grief he had for his ex-manager. These are all ‘REAL’ emotions. You usually don’t see public figures talk like that. 
We all know that he’s not a normal human being and he’s really very special but after he spoke about his journey and after he mentioned each and every person who played an important role in this journey, it was clear that, the person who is doing the talking is a middle class Indian who is a real superhero for the country and is a family man. He has his feet on the ground whereas he can easily pull down the sky because of the superlative talent that he is blessed with. Not the talent of this beautiful game but the talent of making people fall in love with the game and him. 
And after he touched and prayed on the pitch…RESPECT for him, increased a zillion times more. 
Thank you for inspiring me and the entire world. You are a living legend, you are GOD for all the cricket lovers and you aren’t retiring. You are just moving ahead, onto the next phase of your life. 
You’ll never fade away because you are immortal sir, you are immortal. 
May you always stay blessed, may you stay healthy forever…. 
the world is gonna love you throughout…be it today…be it tomorrow. 
your innings are gonna overpower each and every sorrow… 
Sachin Tendulkar is going to live on, even if there is no tomorrow. 

For those, who missed out on SRT’s farewell speech- 

Sachin Tendulkar: “All my friends, settle down let me talk,I’ll get more and more emotional .” The crowd does berserk out there. “My life between 22 yards in the 24 years, it ‘s hard to believe that it ‘s coming to an end. I would like to thank all the people who have helped me in my life to get here. I have a list in my hand , please forgive me if I miss out on a few names. First , my father, hepassed away in 1999 . He was very key for my career. he gave me freedom , chase your dreams and don’t find shortcuts. He also told me to be a nice human being. My mother, I don’t how she dealt with such a naughty like guy me . She took care of me to be healthy. She started praying for me even before I started my career and I think those prayers gave my strength . In my school days , I used to stay with my uncle and aunt as my school was far away . They treated me like their son.They gave me enough food that I can play well . My eldest brother , he used to tell me , I know you’d do everything right and I have the confidence in you.My sister, she gave my the first bat for me . A Kashmir Willow bat . She continues to fast when I bat . Ajit , I don’t what do I talk about him. It all started from the age of 11, he took to Achrekar sir my coach. And my life changed . Even last night , he called me and we were discussing my dismissal. Various things we agreed upon , my technique . I have had a lot of chat with him. If I had not done that , I would have been a lesser cricketer . The most important one in 1991 , I met my wife Anjali. I know she was a doctor . When we decided to make it a family, she said, you continue with your cricket and I’ll take care of the family .Without that I think I couldn’t have played so much cricket . Thank you for all that you’ve done and it is the best partnership I’ve had in my life . Then Sara and Arjun are two precious diamonds in my life .Daughter is 16 and son is 14, time has flown by . I wasn’t able to be with them for the birthdays, annual days and stuff.Thanks for understanding all that, both of you have been so special to me . I’ve not spent enough time with you but I promise you the rest is for you.My in- laws have been supporting. I discuss various things with them ,we have a strong family and thank you for allowing me to marry Anjali. There have been a lot of friends who have supported me .Leaving their work and coming to bowl at me when I called them . I thought my career was over when I was injured, by my friends called even at 3 AM and made me believe that it was not over .My career started at 11. My brother took me to Achrekar sir and that is the best to have happened to me . Sir would be taking me on his scooter allover Mumbai to ensure that I get enough match practice .On a lighter note, he ‘s never said well played to me so that I don’ t get complacent. “”My cricket started right here at this ground. The dream was obviously to play for India . BCCI was fantastic , they believed my at the of 16 years and selected me . Thanks for the support and the freedom ,without that this couldn’t have happened . I have played with many senior cricketers, thanks to everyone for helping me out . I see , Rahul,Laxman, Sourav and my teamates, you guys are like my family . It is going to be difficult without that dressing room, sharing those special moments.””When Dhoni gave me the 200th Test cap, I just said, we are all proud to be here as a team and I believe that you guys will take care of this country in the right spirit to the best of our abilities. I believe in you and all the best for your future . Thanks to all the doctors, physios,without your special efforts , I couldn’t have been fit. I don’ t know how you all kept me in good shape. My dear friend , late Mark Mascerenhas, my first manager . Without him I couldn ‘ thave achieved all this. All those sponsorship deals etc. . thanks for your support . I miss you. My manager Vinod Naidu, he ‘s more like my family. He’s given me so much time leaving his family to work with him. In the school days when I played well , the media backed be a lot . You’ve been doing that till now . Thank you to all of you, all those photographers. Those moments will remain with me for the career. I thank all the people who supported me a lot . Whether I scored a 0 or a 100. I’ve met a lot of people who does all sorts of things for me,thank you for all that you’ve done . Especially ,”Sachin . .. Sachin ..” that will be ringing in my ears till I breath . Thank you very much. I am sorry if I have missed out on anything . Good bye. “


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Appreciation > Money

We are often confused about what we really want and in today’s world, we merrily relate success to money. Ninety percent of us, we feel that money is the only way of analysing a person’s success. Whereas, we forget that appreciation is actually the best way of analysing it. You might lose out on the money you have today. But, you won’t lose out on the appreciation you’ll get today. Bringing a smile to someone’s face or satisfying them by your hard-work and dedication, that is a bigger achievement than earning a zillion bucks.  So, here is a poem that I had written…keeping this confusion in mind. Hope you like it- 

World? It’s an illusion,engraved with some tough stages.
 We are tested, we are put down.
We are brought up, as if we’re the kings and all of a sudden, we’re there- right at the bottom.

People come and they leave.
They are sometimes termed as ‘friends’.

Yea, that’s what they are called. In reality, they are acquaintances.
You rise and you’re surrounded by a mob. You fall and you’re asked by nobody, as if you’re a snob.

It’s a tough job to survive in this world, it’s a tough job to leave a mark.
Success is certainly measured in terms of money in this world whereas, actually ‘appreciation’ is the prime factor indicating one’s success.
The only way to die peacefully is by getting the others to love you and your work, rather than seeking criticism for your selfish means.
World and life, are a parallel abut.
Respect images

Corruption, Oh Lord!

I  penned this down during an English paper and I feel most of us can relate to it because ‘Corruption’ has dismantled us all. It is everywhere. From schools to the parliament. Hope you like it-

Corrupt PoliticianCorruption

As a democratic citizen of this country I'd like to enlighten you all about a major threat that our country has been suffering from, "Scams and corruption."
Right from schools to offices to the parliament, our entire nation has been bitten by this new age mosquito called 'corruption.'
It is present everywhere. At the school level, we all lie about every small thing and that's somehow habitual. Even I do that at times but its wrong. I shouldn't say this but since I'm here to speak against corruption, I have to. I luckily got through the post I wanted during my school days but many students didn't get any post even though they had immense potential and were deserving enough. Many times, our teachers tend to get bias and that's unfair. If we all follow the path of honesty, these problems will never arise. Our government, for instance - It has been exploited by scams and corruption. Our very own politicians are scandal struck but are still getting away with it. 
Prices of the necessary goods are reaching the skies and we think our country's developing? One dollar costs more than a fifty bucks today, that's the amount of depression India's suffering from. If we take one common step, just one step of being honest and true to ourselves and the world around us, there's no chance of any corruption. Its all going to burn in disguise.  "We" are the future of India and we are surely going to follow what's written in our constitution- "Satyamev Jayate."

Friendship Or A Lie?

My take on friendship in today’s world, where competition and insecurities overpower the beauty of love and bond amongst friends. More or less, it’s about acquaintanceship. Even this was written 2 years back. Hope you like it-

Friendship is like a cryptical seashore,
it’s a relationship which everybody likes to adore.
Near this silent seashore lays a mountain of trust,
a five letter word which is as solid as the earth’s crust.

All this seems like an illusion when we look at today’s changed world,
experiencing something new each day and getting totally whorled.
You have to be cold, cold like the unconditional wind,
not taking anyone’s crap and separating the human rind.

Sunshine of belief is  highly raw,
friendship has turned into a bane and trust is it’s major flaw.
Live for yourself, live for your dream,
achieve your goal and create your own stream.

The Heartbreak

For people who are literally bruised by their breakup. I guess, you can relate to it. Wrote this 2 years back. Hope you like it- 

Consoling the heart, to walk past the road,
Consoling the heart to silently take all the load.

It’s not so easy, it’s not that hard,
You just need courage to eliminate such a blank card.

Niceness is not a thing that should be looked upon to,
Niceness is not a thing that could make life as beautiful as the sky that’s blue.
Love’s beautiful , love’s scintillating but only when you’ve closed your
eyes, Otherwise you’ll be left all confused and entangled amongst those ugly lies. 

Never surrender yourself to anybody,never let them stay, 
Never shed tears for people who are made for breaking hearts,
 just follow your heart and keep them away.